A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A Goldrush themed Split-screen Brawler for PC

Play as two competing prospectors trying to fill your safes with those precious gold nuggets!

Whether it's in the dusty hills of the Sierra Nevada, or the icy peaks of the Klondike, it's your chance to strike it rich!

But beware, competing prospectors abound and they are armed with dynamite and no sense of the law!

Please Be Aware:

You will need two people and at least 1 controller to play.
This game supports splitscreen but also 2 screen setups.

Visit our website: http://goldrushers.gold

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Seems like a fun game, but the demo does not respond to my xbox 360 or xbox one controllers. I'm on windows 10. First startup I got a sort of agreement, hit A to continue, that did not work. Second startup I was able to press Enter on the agreement to continue, but on the level select I can only hit Enter to continue and then nothing happens.

Hello Gertjan,

Thanks for letting us know. In order to help you, could you provide us with your output log? It should be located in your game directory under Goldrushers_Data/Output_log.txt.

Kind regards,

The Goldrushers team

The output log did not show any errors. In the meantime I have tried the demo with two xbox 360 controllers instead of two xbox one controllers and that worked just fine. So the game just does not seem to recognize xbox one controllers.

Glad you got it to work!

It might be a driver issue, we have tested with Xbox One controllers as well as DualShock 4.

Happy Prospecting!

I bought the game on Steam in the meantime. Weirdy enough, the full game works fine with my xbox one controllers.

Great! Thanks for supporting us!

WOW you like to say hello to everyone...

ps :cool game but need a controller >~<

How do you open the secret coder thing? I did it once before...





Our full version that includes 3 maps will be released soon!

do i need do buy the full game


The full version won't be free, yes!



Can you add a feture that you can play online?


Maybe in the future there will be an online multiplayer mode but currently we are focused on making a great local multiplayer experience.

can you use with keyboard


Yes, one player can use the  mouse & keyboard. The other player needs a controller.

Can you use an xbox one wired controller?


I Don't Know How To Download GoldRushers

There's the "Download" section with both windows and mac versions.

the game is cool

Thanks, glad you liked it!

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I just downloaded it, how do I run it? I got "Read me" and "GoldRusher.app"

Edit: I seems to be a download error


Do you use a Mac or Windows OS?

I am using Windows, I downloaded a 2nd time and it worked.

Works with the dualshock controller ?

Hello Jeff,

Yes, we tested it with a PS4 DualShock.

thanks !!!!!

Are you able to play with just the keyboard?

It is tricky unfortunately, as not all keyboards let you press more than 2 buttons at once. This makes it hard to have two players on one keyboard at the same time. Right now you'll need to connect a controller to play.

Thank you for replying!

this is the best gameplay i saw in first time is this have bots?

Right now this is purely a local multiplayer, so there's no bots in it.

hello again developer can you make a bots because i getting boring for players online and local multiplayer

Is this game graphicly intensive ?

Aka will it lag for low spec pc's


If you set the resolution to it's minimum and set the quality settings to "Fast" it runs on low end machines as well.

Let us know if you get it to run. :-)

1st thx for replying

2nd Can you make this game playable in online mp or over lan , becuz my friend is in usa and we REALLY want to play this together

how come i cant play with a keyboard and a controller


Are you playing on PC or Mac?

Hope you enjoy my video as much as I enjoyed playing this game!